A GLYN Ceiriog-based self-employed business owner has been shortlisted for a UK-wide award.

Kerry Mackay, owner of Scrubbies UK, is in the running for the Sole to Sole award at this year’s Small Awards.

The 43-year-old launched her business initially as a way out of poverty and then subsequently to combat microplastics and plastic waste.

Being shortlisted for the award has left Kerry feeling proud of her efforts.

She said: “It was wonderful to be shortlisted for this business award. After a difficult year running a business from home and home-schooling, it really makes all the effort worthwhile.

“As well as tackling the environmental issue of plastics, I am committed to helping people find a way out of poverty, as I did, and empowering anyone who is finding life a struggle.

“I am extremely grateful to everyone who continues to support me in my journey by swapping out plastic sponges for Scrubbies.”

Kerry’s business has now sold more than 50,000 compostable Scrubbies, and supplies wholesale and retail across the UK and Europe.

This equates to more than 300,000 plastic sponges being replaced.

Kerry works with Town Square in Wrexham which offers business support in the area. She is set to start a business course with them next week.

She has also been working with inmates at HMP Berwyn to help them develop skills by teaching them to make Scrubbies.

“I’m working with HMP Berwyn inmates and training them to make Scrubbies and pay them,” Kerry said.

“I asked my MP and the Home Office if I could pay them a fair wage or come up with some sort of system which gives them something for doing it.

“There’s another business which runs a social enterprise for prisoners after release, so I might team up with someone else on that.

“Hopefully I will be setting up as a social enterprise myself once Covid is over and I have a bit more help.

“The whole thing is to not make anyone rich – it’s about using the most ethical materials from start to finish.

“I want to give my profits away and there are a lot of social enterprises in the area that I would basically like to help by funding them and ultimately become a money tree for other enterprises doing good things, especially in the Wrexham area.”