LAKE Vyrnwy recorded the deepest snowfall in Britain over the weekend.

The Met Office said that record low April temperatures had been recorded in some parts of the UK overnight on Sunday and that temperatures would struggle to get into double figures at the start of the week.

Snow fell across the country in parts of Wales and southern England with the deepest seen at Lake Vyrnwy where 7cm (2.7in) was recorded.

Areas in all four UK nations saw temperatures drop several degrees below freezing overnight on Sunday.

The coldest UK temperature recorded overnight was at Tulloch Bridge in Scotland, which dropped to minus 9.4C (15F) – the coldest overnight April temperature since 2013, according to the Met Office.

The mercury also dropped to minus minus 2.9C (26.8F) in Sennybridge.

The lowest temperature in Shropshire recorded last night was in Pennerley at minus 1.2C.

Nicola Maxey, spokeswoman for the Met Office said of the temperature: “We’re going to struggle to get into double figures anywhere really… quite widely across the country there will be single figures – sevens, eights or nines degrees.


“We’re going to start seeing temperatures recover during the week but they’re still going to be below average.”

Ms Maxey added that a chilly night was expected again on Tuesday, with freezing temperatures forecast widely, especially in more isolated areas.

It will become largely dry with some sunshine on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and gradually become milder toward the weekend, although still rather cold overnight.