COUNCILLORS have issued a stark warning to developers looking to build 99 dwellings in Ellesmere: no new road, no houses.

The call came at Ellesmere Town Council's full meeting on Tuesday – instead of its usual Monday slot – as councillors were asked to put forward a response to Shropshire Council's planning portal regarding a development for Canal Way.

Councillor Geoff Elner told the meeting that the application, for a development for land south of Canal Way, did not include the building of a new road which would ease pressure on the town.

"This application was discussed a few years ago between Ellesmere Town Council and Ellesmere Rural Parish Council (ERPC)," he said.

"It was to come off the A945 off Oswestry Road.

"Some changes were made, however, and councillors objected in December to say they didn’t want it to happen because of traffic.

"It’s still trying to take this down Canal Way, and we should not allow this to happen.

"ERPC do not want this to happen and they have written to everyone including the client to make sure it doesn’t.

"I am proposing that we also write letters to tell people that it is dangerous and that we don’t want it – it’s not good enough for Ellesmere and they should think again.

"In simple terms – no road, no houses – they’ve wasted public money."

Councillors voted to oppose the proposal, and anyone wishing to provide their own comments can do so at and search 19/05445/REM.

Meanwhile, councillors have opted to approve a short-term change to its meeting structure in order to make the necessary changes for a return to face-to-face meetings May.

Town clerk Jo Butterworth proposed that for May, June and July, face-to-face meetings at Ellesmere Town Hall will be held on the second Thursday of the month.

This will allow the council to accommodate councillors, press and members of the public.

Councillors also voted to give a youth holiday provision group in the town £500 towards helping fund activities in school holidays.

The money was given because of over-subscription to the group – caused by Covid-19 – and councillors also asked Miss Butterworth to write to the group setting out its grant application process.