WHAT a wonderful part of the world we live in.

It is often said that our region, almost untouched by time, is among the most unspoiled parts of the country.

Our camera club members have once again been out and about in the last days of winter before the clocks change and we are officially in spring.

Of course the last few weeks have often felt spring like.

Often enough we have days rain and sun within hours of another and some are even predicting more snow in coming weeks.

Whatever the weather you can be assured the camera club visual story tellers will be out and about come rain or shine to proudly showcase all that is special in the land they call home.

It is often a lonely old world and this year has taken that to the extreme.

However a wise old sage once said can you ever truly be alone in a world with such wonders on our doorstep.

I would agree with those sentiments.

It could be in the wilds of our woodland or on a stroll by a babbling brook.

The sounds and sights of our countryside are our lifelong companions – never complaining and an ever present source of inspiration, comfort and awe.

As we move out of lockdown restrictions I am sure the camera club will be keen to capture new wonders a little further from home. In the meantime, happy snapping.