NORTH Shropshire's Green Party has confirmed its candidates for the Oswestry wards for the local town and Shropshire elections.

Five candidates have been fielded in the Shropshire elections, including current Oswestry mayor Councillor Duncan Kerr, while there are 15 candidates for the town council elections, with a minimum of two per ward.

Cllr Kerr, who is co-ordinator for the North Shropshire Greens, says they are confident of securing more seats in 2021.

“Locally we have seen massive support for the Green Party and the local committee is delighted to announce that it has already approved candidates for 15 of the 18 seats on Oswestry Town Council and for the four Shropshire seats in Oswestry along with St Oswald’s.

"Our candidates are of all ages and from all walks of life – many will already be known to you.

"They include people who are former members of all of the other three major parties who have come together with a shared vision and passion to deliver a better future for our great town."

In Shropshire, current Oswestry town councillors Jay Moore and Olly Rose will contest Oswestry East, Cllr Kerr Oswestry South and Cllr Mike Isherwood in Oswestry West, while Cllr Rosie Radford will contest St Oswald.

For Oswestry Town Council, Cllr Radford will contest Cambrian Ward with Luke Watkins and Stephen Froggatt; Steve Watts, Gemma Cassin and Sam Chadwick in Carreg Llwyd; Cllrs Rose, Isherwood and Kerr for Castle; Cllr Moore and Sian Kerr for Gatacre; Jonathan Upton and Georgia Stackhouse for Maserfield and Josh Cockburn and Merrick Rose for Victoria.

Cllr Kerr added: “The Green Party has been delivering leaflets and working hard over the last four years to give the people of Oswestry a genuine alternative at these local elections.

"If you, like us, love the town of Oswestry and want to unlock its potential and dynamism then please give a Green councillor the opportunity to show you the difference they can make."