A SENIOR official at Highways England's Midlands division has rebuffed a claim from Shropshire's coroner that changes to a stretch of road where a Llanfyllin man died is their responsibility.

Daniel Mark Hughes – known as Danny – died in June 2017 after colliding with a car being driven by Susan Hewart-Chambers as she was driving out of her driveway on the A483 in Sweeney.

Coroner John Ellery recorded Danny's death as a road traffic collision at the long-delayed and complicated inquest in December last year that involved a number of expert witnesses and a written verdict.

But he also wrote to Highways England to 'prevent future deaths' by urging them to consider whether visibility to those turning right can be improved; whether the speed limit for the bend is appropriate; and whether a concealed entrance sign should be installed.

This led to Highways England undertaking a review into three areas highlighted by Mr Ellery.

However, Adrian Oulds, regional director for the Midlands at Highways England, responded to Mr Ellery to say it was the responsibility of nearby landowners to improve visibility along the A483 trunk road at Sweeney.

"Responsibility for the visibility exiting a property entrance is that of the property owner and not Highways England," said Mr Oulds.

"Any steps to improve the visibility would also require amendments to boundary walls, fences and hedgerows on land which is not owned by Highways England.

"Therefore, no action is proposed.

"Recent surveys found the speed limit to be both appropriate and adhered to by the majority of road users at this location, as a result there are currently no plans to reduce the speed limit in this location.

"Should the property owner seek to place a privately-owned warning sign on private land adjacent to and visible from the highway they could do so at their own risk, this may be a solution the property owner could explore if they wish to."