WE are almost at the start of spring.

Spring of course is known as the time when the land is reborn following the stark conditions of the past few months.

For many the arrival of spring is bitter sweet.

It will mean that we have all spent 12 months inside our homes and following lockdown rules as an entire year since Covid-19 spread across the world.

It will take many years for the impact of the past year to be fully appreciated, whether that be financially or on the collective mental health of the nation.

During this time of isolation we have all had to take comfort wherever it has been available.

Some have turned to streaming services and film, others have taken up hobbies and a few have used their spare time to raise money for charities – all of which face an uncertain future after an entire year without fundraising events or stores being open.

Others have found comfort in their surroundings.

Whether it be the hills, valleys, rivers and streams or the wild animals or domesticated pets and livestock, these images have offered hope to so many.

A hope that one day soon those unable to leave their homes for the past year will experience what the camera club members have captured with their own eyes.

As more people are vaccinated we can finally say we are closing on the end of this nightmare and approaching what will be a brave new world for all of us.