THERE is a flock of birds – then there's this remarkable murmuration of starlings which was photographed by an Oswestry Advertizer Camera Club member last week.

Wendy Clough Jones spotted hundreds – if not thousands – of the birds while she was out and about in Llansilin and shared this extraordinary picture with the club.

The Camera Club member commented on Facebook to say she was stood beneath the starlings as it happened and described the noise as ‘amazing’.

Murmurations of starlings tend to happen between the months of October and March and tend to feature a higher number of birds in the months of December and January.

According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), a murmuration is believed to happen for several different reasons.

The RSPB website explains that it is believed that starlings seek protection in numbers, but also gather together to generate warmth and share information with each other.