Councillors have raised concerns after figures revealed more than a quarter of vehicles entering one side of Chirk during February were travelling over the speed limit.

Figures presented to councillors at Wednesday's town council meeting showed 25.35 per cent of vehicles entering Chirk past Lodgevale were travelling over the 30mph speed limit.

The data was collected between February 3 and February 22, during which time 21,724 vehicles passed through the speed monitoring sign.

Chairman of Chirk Town Council, Councillor Brian Colley, said the figures are deeply concerning and will be passed on to North Wales Police.

He said: "We are certainly concerned.

"There has been a noticeable increase on the main road through Chirk.

"We have carried out tests on other areas too – but 25 per cent over the speed limit is a lot.

"We will be feeding our results back to the police and requesting monitoring from them, because there have been a lot of complaints and it is a concern."

Cllr Colley has urged people to drive responsibly in the area.

"Our main concerns are the potential for accidents and injuries to pedestrians," he said.

"We've had a few incidents, one recently, where a car knocked down a fence in the centre of the town.

"Looking at the speeding situation, it is a danger to other road users too."