I WOULD like to express my gratitude for the key workers we often don’t recognise as much as the doctors, nurses and volunteers seen on the news – retail workers.

I am sure it is no easy job working retail at the moment, having to try and make customers stick to restrictions and deal with belligerent people, those who disregard or disobey the rules and even people who wear a mask incorrectly.

Thank you very much for ensuring we can all get our food and even have some semblance of normality or routine nowadays.

Equally, yesterday I was grocery shopping in a large Oswestry supermarket and heard an elderly couple mentioning having been vaccinated to the cashier, and asking for the cashier’s thoughts.

The person behind the till expressed suspicion and distrust for the vaccine, which was easily overheard by everyone else in the queue.

I support everybody’s right to an opinion, but spreading misinformation and sewing dissent about the vaccine in a very public, customer-facing role should not be permitted.

Vaccination, alongside sticking to the rules, is the way out of this pandemic!

Erin Hudson,