The New Saints manager Scott Ruscoe believes there is no reason why the club’s cross-border neighbours can not climb back into the English Football League after a high-profile takeover was completed last week.

Wrexham AFC’s long-awaited takeover crossed the line last week, with significant investment expected from new owners – and Hollywood celebrities – Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

With the Saints only situated a few miles from Wrexham, the sides have faced off against each other in the past, while players have transferred between the two teams.

Ruscoe insists the financial benefits of the takeover could certainly see the Reds find their way back to the Football League after more than a decade in the National League.

He said: “If you look at it from the outside, as someone who has seen Wrexham over the years and watched their games many times and knows the history of the club, you know the fans have been crying out for some investment into the club.

“Then all of a sudden, this has happened. When I first saw it, I thought maybe it was just paper talk, but when you see them there with the Wrexham tops on talking about planning for the next few years and setting out a vision, I think it’s certainly exciting for the club and its fans.

“It’s a big club. We’ve played our European matches at the Racecourse and played against Wrexham in the past in the FA Premier Cup.

“They’re a very well supported club which gets thousands through the gate in the National League. It’s one where you wish them all the best and with a little bit of investment and planning, why can’t they go through the leagues?

“You’d want them to do as well as they can and I wish them all the best.”

Players who played for both Saints and Wrexham include experienced defender Simon Spender, and forward Scott Quigley.

Ruscoe spoke well of the relationship between the two clubs.

“We’ve got a pretty good relationship with them,” he said. “We’ve certainly had a few players from them, and they have had a few from us as well.

“Because we’re so close, we are going to get linked to players and they’re going to look at some of ours too.”

“They have Carl Darlington there who I speak to now and again and ask for advice.

“We keep an eye on their results.

“It’s a good, healthy relationship.”

TNS are preparing for a return to league action next month with more friendly fixtures in the coming weeks.

Ruscoe added: “We have Cardiff Met, Airbus and Bangor coming up, as well as a game against Stoke towards the end of the month.

“We have a few games lined up there which will hopefully tide us over into March when we will hopefully be starting back in the league.

“It was our aim to play as many teams as we can against teams of different levels and styles.

“We had a few games on grass as well as some on 3G. The game we played at Burnley was very competitive.

“It’s very difficult to replicate competitive games, especially because there is nobody in the crowd.

“We don’t get a massive crowd, but there are still fans there under normal circumstances and you can still hear them, so when you play behind closed doors it is difficult for a lot of teams.”