A BOWLING club in Chirk has made an appeal for funds and support to help during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chirk AAA Bowling Club posted the appeal on its Facebook page on Monday, announcing it has launched a 100 Club to raise funds.

Problems caused by the pandemic means the club is struggling to raise money for work to be carried out on the bowling green.

Secretary Peter Kempster is hoping the 100 Club could be a big help towards raising the much-needed funds.

He said: “Any donations people could give, we would be very grateful for.

“We’ve started up the 100 Club and there seems to have been a bit of interest so far.

“We just need support during this time – without the help of people, we may not have the green which means no bowls, and no bowls means no club.”

A tickets for 12 monthly draws would cost £25, working out at less than 50p per week.

It consists of 10 draws of £50 for first prize, £25 for second, £10 for third and £5 for fourth.

There will also be a summer and Christmas draw, with prizes of £250 for first, £100 for second, £50 for third, £25 for fourth, £10 for fifth and £5 for sixth.

For more information, visit Chirk AAA Bowling Club on Facebook.