A NEW Ceiriog Valley resident is the latest to report a sighting of a mysterious large cat-like creature in the Wrexham region.

Anne Wride, who moved to Llanarmon DC earlier this month, added another sighting to the growing list of reports after spotting what she believed was a large cat at the bottom of her garden.

There were similar sightings reported in Snowdonia and Flintshire earlier this year, while witnesses reported numerous sightings across the region in 2020.

Anne described the animal as a tan-coloured creature around the same size as a Retriever.

She said: “I’d say it was a as big as a retriever dog, so it was substantial.

“It was quite exciting to see. I could tell by the way it moved it must’ve been some sort of cat.

“I’ve been here for a week-and-a-half and have never seen anything like it where I have previously lived.”

The animal was close to Anne’s home as it roamed near a stream at the end of the garden.

Anne continued: “I’ve got quite a long garden which has got a stream at the bottom.

“Beyond the stream is a field that goes up to a hill.

“I was just coming into the front room for the evening as it was just starting to get dark.

“I saw this thing walking across outside and thought it must’ve been a fox.

“It was a sort of tan colour, and I saw it looked too big to be a fox.

“I saw it was walking like a cat, but it would be an enormous cat.

“I got some binoculars, but the animal had walked away up the hill by the time I had them.

“I have them with me now in case it passes again.”