A CHIRK councillor fears roadworks at a busy route near Chirk could be a nightmare for residents in the area later this month.

Works are set to take place on the River Ceiriog Viaduct on the A5/A483 bypass for eight days from February 22.

Traffic will be diverted through Chirk for the duration of the works, and councillor Terry Evans fears the increased volume of traffic could cause problems in the town.

Last time works were carried out on the route, traffic lights were out in place at a small local bridge leading to Chirk Bank due to a weight restriction.

This was put in place to prevent the increased number of vehicles passing through the area from using the bridge at the same time, but Cllr Evans fears it could cause further problems.

He said: “I’m very concerned because when they did the barriers on the bridge last time, they put traffic lights there but it caused that much trouble that they took them away, so I don’t know what their idea is this time.

“There’s a big leak by the Trap and the water is flushing out across the road constantly. Over the last week with the ice, it has been treacherous down there.

“If they put traffic lights there, it could create an accident.

“Also, there will be people unloading fruit and veg and deliveries in Chirk, and there will be increased levels of traffic, it’s going to be a nightmare.”

Another route into Chirk is currently closed – Newbridge Road, which passes through Pentre is closed after a landslide last month.

Cllr Evans added: “If there is an accident on the A483 between Chirk and Ruabon, where will the traffic go?

“Newbridge is blocked, and will be for some time, so it could really cause major problems for residents in Chirk who want to get in and out of the village, as well as for people making deliveries in the area.

“I know it’s only for eight days, but there is up to 50,000 vehicle movements on that road each day, which is a huge number.”

“I’m not sure how Chirk will cope.

“We know it’s going to happen, and the work needs to be done, but please leave the traffic lights off and don’t make the problem bigger.”