WITH the weekend snow arriving in style on Sunday, we put out a call for your pictures – and you have certainly delivered.

Our inbox was full of brilliant snow pictures, whether it was little ones enjoying making their first snowmen – or rabbit in one case – or a real rabbit enjoying a hop about.

One picture is Akiko, sent in by owner Astor Williams, whose breed is a Japanese Kai Ken bred for hunting in the mountains of Japan, and Sunday was the first time she got to play in snow!

She looks very happy indeed!

The snow isn't set to hang around too long though and the Met Office, while not yet putting out a weather warning for the north Shropshire and Mid Wales area, are asking people to be aware of ice when out.

The Met Office is also keeping any eye of a yellow weather warning for around 50 miles north of the county for Tuesday.

Thanks once again for your pictures and remember to be careful out there.