HEALTH officials across Shropshire have moved to reassure elderly people that vaccinations will options will be more available in the county.

Shropshire Council has announced it is aware that some people in Shropshire who are aged 80 and over – the top priority group for coronavirus vaccinations – received a letter from the NHS inviting them for a coronavirus vaccination at a centre outside of Shropshire, possibly some distance away.

However, the council has told people in this group that if they want to decline that invitation based on access and travel, then they will be able to receive a jab closer to home by the start of next month.

A spokesman said: "We are aware that further letters are due to be issued, inviting more aged 80 and over to travel to these centres.

"We recognise the thought of travelling a considerable distance, especially for our older residents, is not ideal and may cause some distress. We want to take this opportunity again to put your mind at ease.

"If you receive this letter, or know someone who does, we want to reassure you that by early February, we expect to have two vaccination centres open in Shropshire – one in Shrewsbury and one Ludlow, with a third centre in north Shropshire opening a few weeks after this.

"We’ll publish more precise details about these centres as soon as we are able to. Additionally, more of our GP surgeries are working together to roll out local vaccination services to their patients over the next few weeks.

"If you receive a letter calling you for a vaccination and, for whatever reason, and you can’t travel outside of Shropshire for this, don’t worry. You will soon be able get your vaccination much closer to home.

"You will be contacted by the NHS or your local GP, although may need to wait a little longer for their vaccination.

"However, we urge everyone in this age group to get vaccinated, as soon as you are able to whether at a national centre or at a centre closer to home when these are open.

"This is best way to protect yourself from coronavirus."