A FARM in St Martins that began life as a converted commercial equine stud farm has now applied to convert more buildings into stables as part of a wider expansion.

New House Farm, in Pen-Y-Bryn, St Martins, was converted into a stud farm after previously being derelict, after planning permission was granted in 2019.

Now the owner Miss M Kellett is applying to Shropshire Council to turn existing store buildings into more stable space as the business expands.

Her application has been submitted to the council by Cheshire-based Equestrian Design, who say that the already successfully-operating business has reached its full capacity and needs to create more space, and already has an application for five stables plus living space for two full-time grooms.

However, this application is for a further seven stables plus storage areas.

The application said: "The submission of this additional application reflects further refinement of the business model, testament to the buoyancy of the business and greater opportunities within the industry enabling its expansion much sooner than initial business planning foresaw.

"In short additional stabling is now required to accommodate a greater number of foals and geldings, with the most effective way of achieving this considered to be the conversion of an existing storage building within the site, with the erection of a new storage building required on land opposite the main yard to offset its loss.

"To accommodate the sought after increase in equines at the site, permission is also sought for a new manure store reflecting the existing manure trailer arrangement is increasingly impractical for the number of horses kept.

"Specifically, seven additional stables are required which if approved alongside the separate application for five and the grooms quarters, in addition to the 14 existing, would see 26 stables available at the site.

"The proposed conversion would provide six stables with the proposed very modest extension to it providing the seventh. The new store building would prove modestly larger than the existing but fulfil the same important ancillary storage needs."

The report also stated that the application 'represent(s) the further sensitive expansion of an established rural business by way of yet additional significant investment in the site infrastructure.

Consultation on the plans is open until Monday, February 2 – for more, search 20/05402/FUL at https://pa.shropshire.gov.uk/online-applications