A FORMER trainee banker in Oswestry who left to become a nun has written her first book.

Our Father: A Biblical Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer is the work of Sister Claire Waddelove and will be published by Gracewing Ltd on Tuesday.

She is hoping that the book's appeal will be wide-ranging and will prove to helpful.

She said: “I hope it appeals to anyone and everyone looking for the meaning of life, especially since the pandemic has shown us there must be more to it than work and entertainment.

“You could say it is a book about the final destiny for each of us and how we can reach it safely.

“And, of course, God Himself has written half of it. His word is alive and active, speaking to every individual here and now, as He calls us to Himself”.

The task of writing the book began two years ago after Sister Claire had the idea of collecting Biblical texts related to the Our Father, initially just for her own benefit.

She added: “I copied them by hand and gradually could see various themes emerging within each line of the prayer. After some months it struck me that the study could be developed into a book and Mother Abbess was very supportive.

“I had plenty of practice writing essays in my days at Oxford studying Modern History but what emerged from this is rather more important.

“The book encourages us to deepen our interior spiritual life, to intensify our relationship with our Creator in response to His love for us because, ultimately, that is what we will take with us beyond the grave and into the light of eternity."

Sister Claire joined the contemplative order of Benedictines on the Isle of Wight after a year in banking following her graduation.

Proceeds from sales of the 190-page book, priced at £12.99, will help the nuns to continue to be a self-sufficient community.

Copies are available from the publishers at Leominster (www.gracewing.co.uk/page315.html) or St Cecilia’s Abbey (www.stceciliasabbey.org.uk/site.php?menuaccess=22)