THE new year brings new hope and a sense of optimism.

The snow has fallen and covered many areas under a blanket of ice.

Something about snow brings out the best in people.

Perhaps it is the beauty of the affect of nearby hills and rivers and even our towns and villages becoming like scenes from a postcard or perhaps it is simply a novel change in our surroundings which endears snow to so many.

Maybe it just evokes a sense of nostalgia and reminds us of growing up and the excitement of sledging or making snowmen with friends.

Whatever it is, many people have been walking with an extra spring to their step in the past week.

The snowy weather may have played some part though doubtless word of another new coronavirus vaccine being deployed from January has also lifted the hearts of many.

Hopefully we are in the final stretch of our battle against the virus and 2021 will see us return to the lives we abruptly left behind in March.

For new year is a time of change, a chance for all people to look forward with optimism and setting new goals.

Our camera club members continue to showcase the change of seasons and life in mid Wales.

Hopefully as 2021 continues our camera club members can enjoy greater freedoms to pursue their hobbies and continue to capture the world around them to share with our readers as they have done in 2020.