Possible changes to the layout and design of a problematic town centre car park are back on the table after councillors said safety improvements were needed.

Oswestry Town Council has reversed a decision made behind closed doors in October not to commission a full study on the Central Car Park.

A motion was put to members at a meeting on Wednesday evening requesting the town council ask Shropshire Council to install a new pedestrian crossing at the car park exit on Roft Street.

Councillors Paul Milner, Chris Schofield and John Price, who tabled the motion, said it was necessary to prevent pedestrians being put in danger when attempting to cross the exit point, which has been the site of several accidents and near misses in recent years.

But the suggestion was criticised by other members for pre-empting the outcome of the study that had been rejected.

Instead, Councillor Mike Isherwood put forward an amendment calling for the council to commission a full report as previously suggested.

He said: “I was a bit gobsmacked that these councillors put forward this motion. I’m astonished that anyone would suggest this as a serious solution to an issue which clearly requires thought, care and above all professional advice.”

Councillor Isherwood said it was “irresponsible” to guess at what the outcome of such a study might be, and said if the council put in a new crossing or other measures without appropriate advice it would be responsible for any further accidents.

He added: “It’s also nothing more than a cheap fix. We have a duty to ensure the highest standards of safety and this falls well short.

“It is a matter of public safety. Not one of us here is qualified to design a car park exit or to judge whether the one we’ve got is fit for purpose without a proper professional opinion.”

Councillor Milner said he would welcome a full study, but added: “We are just trying to get something done as soon as possible.”

Members backed Councillor Isherwood’s suggestion and voted in support of the amended motion. A study on the car park will now be undertaken and any recommended changes will be discussed at a future meeting.

A separate motion by Councillor Sandy Best requested the council consider incorporating trees in planters into the car park design.

Councillor Best said this would improve the appearance of the car park and contribute to the council’s aim of shrinking its carbon footprint. She argued it would also deter ‘boy racers’, who currently take advantage of the large open space to perform stunts late at night.

Councillor Best’s motion was unanimously supported.