AN OSWESTRY musician is holding a virtual music event to raise funds for the town’s foodbank this weekend.

Chris Greeve has held the music fundraiser for the past five years, however this year it will take place in a new way due to Covid-19.

Each year Chris and a group of local musicians put on live performances to raise funds for the Oswestry and Borders Foodbank, and this year the event is taking place online.

Around 20 local musicians will play during the event which begins at 3pm on Sunday, November 29.

Chris hopes to raise funds for the foodbank ahead of Christmas, and hopes enough is raised to offer support to families in need.

He said: “Obviously we cant do live in person events this year, but for the past five years we’ve done it live.

“I think it’s hugely important to support the foodbank – nobody should be suffering at Christmas.

“I feel it is especially important this year under the current circumstances with Covid-19.

“You don’t want to see families and children struggling, so I’m hoping we can raise some money and hopefully it will help towards making life a little bit more comfortable for some people.”

People can watch online by visiting the Oswestry & Borders Food Online Music Fundraiser event on Facebook.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so at