The critically-acclaimed, award winning film The Lighthouse has been added to NowTV and it’s a must watch for any movie lovers.

A shocking, psychological thriller, it focuses on two lighthouse keepers struggling to stay sane on an isolated and ominous island.

This film is unlike anything ever made before. Being an A24 film, it’s full of unique cinematography, dialogue and ideas. It’s a true psychological journey keeping you on edge and tense throughout.

Jarin Blaschke’s work on the cinematography earned him an Oscar. Shot in a square aspect ratio and in black and white, it has a retro feel to it with each shot being beautifully symbolic.

An interesting technique used is the repeating high pitched sound of the lighthouse alarm. The sound is jarring and sinister and replaces music to create a tense atmosphere. It has a similar effect to other A24 films such as The Lobster.

Robert Pattinson and Willem Defoe both deliver outstanding performances. They portray the descent into madness wonderfully and take you along on the journey with them.

Although beautiful, this film can be confusing at times. Some of the dialogue is difficult to understand with their thick accents and the story can be hard to follow.

This film is perfect for those who love deeper meaning but it’s by no means a light watch.