AN INDEPENDENT cinema in Oswestry is preparing to reopen its doors next week after Thursday's announcement regarding local restriction tiers.

Ian Garland and Ruth Carter and ready to reopen Kinokulture, in Arthur Street, are ready to welcome film fans back through their doors after finding out Shropshire will adhere to Tier Two restrictions once the four-week national lockdown is over on Wednesday, December 2.

The new rules mean cinemas must close by 11pm, but can remain open beyond 11pm to conclude showings which began before 10pm.

Cinemas will not be allowed to sell alcohol.

Mr Garland insists he is looking forward to the reopening, and is relieved Shropshire is not in Tier Three as it would have meant cinemas would have to close.

He said: “None of [the Covid-19 restrictions] are good, but thankfully we’re not in Tier Three which would mean the mandatory closure of cinemas.

“We’re thankful we’re not in Tier Three and hopefully we don’t end up getting there. We just have to wait for each of the two-week reviews.

“I don’t really understand the removal of the alcohol license for cinemas. It isn’t as if people sit there and drink throughout the film.

“Many come in and buy a drink and that’s it, nobody is sat at a bar drinking.”

Mr Garland hopes people in Oswestry will use their opportunity to enjoy a film and pay the cinema a visit once Kinokulture reopens.

He added: “We’ll be fully open and tickets are on sale now.

“We’ve held off until today before advertising any tickets and putting any on sale.

“We would urge people to come along and enjoy a film.”