People living in Shropshire will be required to follow Tier Two level Covid-19 restrictions from Wednesday after it was categorised as a high risk area.

Shropshire was placed into Tier Two restriction level on Thursday, meaning residents across the county will have to adhere to the rules outlined in the second-toughest restriction level.

It means Shropshire’s tier level has increased by one since before the four-week national lockdown, when it was placed in Tier One.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined the new tiered system which will come into force from next Wednesday when he addressed Parliament on Monday.

What does this mean for people in Shropshire?

People living in Shropshire will not be permitted to mix indoors with people outside of their household. Support bubbles will be allowed to mix indoors.

For outdoor social mixing, the rule of six will remain in place.

People will be encouraged to avoid public transport and use different modes of transport such as cycling and walking.

What does this mean for businesses in Shropshire?

Non-essential shops are allowed to reopen as well as hairdressers, salons and gyms.

Wet-led pubs and bars will close with hospitality settings serving substantial meals only allowed to remain open.

Pubs, bars and restaurants which are permitted to stay open must close at 11pm, with last orders at 10pm.

What about religious settings?

Places of worship will be permitted to reopen, with attendees expected to follow the rule of six – families with more than six members in one household are exempt from this rule.

Weddings and funerals will be allowed to go ahead. There will be a cap on the number of guests at these services, with 15 permitted at a wedding and 30 at a funeral.

Can I play sport?

Yes – outdoor sports is permitted in all tiers.

However, there will be a cap on the number of spectators allowed at outdoor sporting events, with 2,000 viewers or 50 per cent of a venue’s capacity permitted – whichever is smaller.

Similarly, the number of spectators allowed at an indoor sporting event will be capped at 1,000.

The number of people allowed at indoor performances in theatres and other indoor entertainment venues is also 50 per cent of the capacity, with the number capped at 1,000.

Anything else?

Schools and universities will remain in operation.

International travel is allowed across all tiers, however people are only encouraged to make such journeys if absolutely necessary.

People have been advised against travelling to areas subject to higher levels of restrictions, so Tier Three areas for people in Shropshire, unless it is essential.

How long will Tier Two restrictions be in place?

The government stated the current tiered system will remain in effect until March 2021.

However, restrictions in each area are expected to be reviewed every two weeks.