ELLESMERE will lose its last remaining bank and cash machine it has been confirmed.

TSB, in the Square, is set to close in February 2021 although the town council has fought against the decision since the closures were announced.

The council said that despite its best efforts, the closure of the bank has been deemed 'non-negotiable'.

A spokesman for the town council confirmed the decision on Tuesday.

They said: "Despite Ellesmere Town Councils best efforts in relation to the closure of TSB bank, a firm date of closure has been set, with any form of varying being ruled non-negotiable.

"TSB are currently looking for alternative premises to try and provide face-to-face customer service; however the ATM will also be removed upon closure of the branch.

"Discussions to provide an alternative source of ATM is currently underway, and we will keep our town informed of any further information when it arises."