AN INDEPENDENT school outside Oswestry has worked to still provide the physical experiences of an Open Day to prospective Sixth Form students.

Moreton Hall, in Weston Rhyn, delivered parcels to girls taking part in Zoom sessions for break-time treats and vital materials while candidates completed assessment papers and tasks last week.

Moreton Sixth Registrar Caroline Lang admitted al at the school were delighted to ensure that the traditions of the day were observed despite the lockdown restrictions because of Covid-19.

"It was wonderful to be able to create an event which, despite Covid-19, was full of our trademark scholarship, gaiety and humanity," she said.

"Everyone involved on the Moreton Hall team enjoyed hosting such a fantastic group of potential sixth formers.

"The resilience, good humour and talent they demonstrated suggested they all have the makings of fantastic Moreton girls."

Traditionally, despite the inevitable exam papers, the Moreton Sixth Scholarship and Admissions Day is a fun and enjoyable experience, a chance to meet many of the girls who will be new to Moreton Hall for their Sixth Form and to spend some time with current girls over lunchtime and in the boarding house.

It’s also an opportunity for the musicians to showcase their prowess, the artists their creative skills and for drama scholars to perform and explore their interpretations under direction.

As well as the treats and assessments, all the candidates had an opportunity for an interview with the principal, George Budd.

In addition, music and sports scholars were scheduled for bespoke sessions to allow them to showcase their talents.

Mr Budd added: "I enjoyed conversing with all of the candidates on a range of topics from Black Lives Matters to Covid via environmental issues and congratulated each of them on their performances.

“Everyone I spoke to had the makings of a Moretonian – it’s exciting to see such talent within our future Sixth Form.”