OSWESTRY'S mayor has moved to ensure police can be given greater powers to manage anti-social behaviour on the town's Central Car Park.

Councillor Duncan Kerr has put forward a motion to Wednesday's full town council meeting to apply to Shropshire Council for a public space protection order under the 2014 legislation concerning anti-social behaviour.

The order, according to Cllr Kerr, has been used successfully by other councils and he feels it will help police deal with anti-social behaviour plaguing residents in Central Car Park.

The anti-social behaviour includes drivers doing laps of the town, listening to loud music while parked up; and doing 'donuts' on the car park, which does not close overnight as other residents use it for parking.

Cllr Kerr believes the order would go a long way to prohibiting this behaviour and increase enforcement powers for the police.

And in a counterpart measure, Cllr Kerr's Green Party colleague Cllr Mike Isherwood has put forward a motion to the council, calling for the formal acknowledgement of a petition raised by a student in the town asking for skateboarding facilities.

The facilities would indoor, or covered outdoor, and would provide a place for skateboarders plus scooter and bike riders.

Meanwhile, councillors will also be asked to consider following their Shropshire colleagues in providing free parking across town car parks operated by the council for the Christmas period.

It was announced on Friday that Shropshire Council would be dropping the charges on car parks they were operating, which was welcomed by Oswestry's Business Improvement District (BID).

BID have also appealed to Oswestry Town Council and councillors will be asked to decide whether to follow suit.

The request is for each weekend in the build-up to Christmas to have charges dropped, starting from December 5 with a potential loss of £6,000 in revenue for the council.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 7pm on Wednesday on Zoom – anyone wanting to join in can do so at 872 2395 8912.