WHAT makes a good picture?

Or rather what makes a good camera club picture?

The camera club has mushroomed in popularity since March when the world changed as we knew it and much of the population found themselves spending much more time at home.

In the past eight months many have had time for self reflection and actually rediscover themselves.

This has either taken the form of spending more time with loved ones, perhaps something they had previously not done as much as they would have liked, or in some cases taken up new hobbies.

Thankfully many have taken advantage of the wilderness on their doorstep and ventured out with camera in hand to capture what catches their eye.

So what makes a good camera club picture?

As so many members regularly capture a diverse range of pictures, ranging from landscapes of their surroundings to animals who they meet during their day to the skies above us perhaps the answer is relative.

However one thing is true of all.

Each and every photograph has been sought, taken and submitted with love.

A love of the pursuit, a love of the practise and – above all else – a deep seated love of their subject matter.

So as the nights go dark our advice to camera club members is stay safe and let your heart guide you to your next discovery.