AN OSWESTRY charity's £36,000 appeal for specialist equipment has already received a donation of almost £6,000 to kickstart the fund raising.

The Ethos Group provides transitional housing for people in wheelchairs after life-changing injury or illness and allows them to live independently through their support.

It wants to raise £36,000 to buy six turning beds to add to the specialist equipment in its three bungalows in Oswestry, and the appeal has got off to a flying start with the news that an anonymous donor has already given almost £6,000 to fund the cost of one of the special beds.

Ethos chief executive, Fae Dromgool, explained that for someone with reduced mobility, changing position regularly, particularly in bed, was very important to prevent pressures ulcers from developing.

Turning or tilting beds did this automatically, giving extra independence to those who were paralysed by reducing their reliance on overnight personal care.

“These lateral tilting beds are used for people who are most at risk," said Fae.

"The automatic turning programme uses frequent movement to change pressure points which helps prevent pressure ulcers and aid circulation.

“The beds can be programmed to turn a client at regular intervals. The movement is so smooth that clients can enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep without the need for carers to manually turn them every few hours.

She added the use of turning beds in the rehabilitation process at Ethos could often mean that clients could reduce their intake of painkillers as well as allowing carers to get a full night’s sleep.

“We already have two turning beds in our accommodation," she said.

"They are such an effective piece of equipment that we would like to have six more. They help to give our clients more dignity and independence as well as reducing their reliance on overnight personal care."

Each specialist bed costs a total of £5,880. The charity has already started applying for grants to help fund the extra equipment and would be delighted to hear from any organisation or individual who could help.

Further information about how to make a donation or about the work of Ethos is available at the website, by email at or by telephone at 01691 404359.