OSWESTRY Foodbank was one of several across the county that helped make sure children did not go hungry during the first six months of the pandemic.

The Trussell Trust say a record 1.2 million parcels were given to people struggling to afford essentials nationally between April and September, and warned the figures are ‘the tip of the iceberg’.

In Shropshire, the charity handed out 5,039 emergency food parcels over the period.

Of these, 1,815, or 36 per cent were for children – meaning 70 were handed to youngsters every week.

Overall, the charity dished out 72 per cent more parcels in the area than it did during the same six-month period last year – an additional 2,104.

Emma Revie, the charity’s chief executive, said volunteers have been working hard to support people in need.

“It’s hugely welcome to see the Government build on steps already taken by providing significant new funding for local councils in England,” she said.

“This vital local support must work in co-ordination with a national welfare system that is strong enough to act as a lifeline to anyone struggling to afford the essentials.”

“This pandemic has shown the unexpected can hit us suddenly, with devastating consequences for people’s lives, but it’s also shown we can make huge changes to the way we live and look after each other.”