SHROPSHIRE Council has been left with plenty to consider after the consultation into a footbridge over the A5 near Mile End closed last week.

On the planning application, comments objecting to the plans and suggesting potential changes were logged while groups that were consulted on about the proposal also raised issues.

The plan is to create a 59m long by 3.5m wide bridge for pedestrians and cyclists with ramped access on either side plus a landscaping scheme and all ancillary works over a newly-created A5 north.

Oswestry mayor Duncan Kerr commented on the application as an individual and he believes there is potential to reconsider transport links to new developments on the Mile End roundabout.

"This Mile End highways project has been in development for several years but the failure to consider sustainable transport from the outset has meant that much time and money has been wasted," he wrote, stating that he was providing a neutral comment.

"Unfortunately the council now needs to go back to the start and consider sustainable transport as an intrinsic part of its proposal for Mile End and consider options such as putting the road into a cutting or building an underpass as recommended by Oswestry Town Council.

"Given the learning of this year and the uncertainties of future traffic projections it may well also be an opportune time to reconsider whether access cannot be secured to the new industrial estate without the expensive and complex works to the Mile end roundabout."

However, Stefan Thomas-Bache, who states he is an Oswestry resident, objected to the proposal.

He said: "I am greatly concerned that the proposal, if it goes ahead, will have significant detrimental effects on the environment and community, at huge expense to the tax payer – with minimal gain."

Mr Thomas-Bache added his view that pedestrians and cyclists should be mixed together on the bridge and that cyclists should be treated as vehicles and given their own, better access.

Clive Parsons, also objecting, highlighted the need for cyclists to have to dismount to access the bridge, calling for more work to be carried on providing a better network for bike users.

Other objectors also called for the ramp access to the bridge be shallower in order to allow easier approach for cyclists.

Another commenter, Peter Carr, stated he support but he still called for footpath access to be aligned with the new bridge while Oswestry Rural Parish Council supported the proposal.

Meanwhile, Shropshire Council's Regulatory Services commented that in order for permission to be given, a contamination report must be undertaken of the site.