New to Netflix, His House is a horror-thriller centred around a refugee couple fleeing war-torn South Sudan, searching for a better life in England.

Once there, they begin to suspect that their past has followed them and haunts them in their new home.

Although a true horror with jump-scares and scary monsters, this particular horror film has a sense of realism to it. It tackles difficult topics like PTSD and racism. It doesn’t just feel like a haunted house film: it has a well developed and fully realised plot.

It is gripping and emotional as well as shocking and terrifying, making it the perfect horror flick. The film tells a harrowing story packed with jumps and frights.

Both Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku’s characters are developed superbly. You sympathise with both throughout and continually feel the emotions that they are feeling wether it be fear or grief.

The only negative of this film would be the supernatural beings. With how gritty and real most of the film feels, sometimes the monsters seem out of place, despite Javier Botet’s beautiful and scary witch.

If you are looking for a horror film that tells a multi-layered story, His House is for you – an excellent scary movie with wonderful acting, stunning cinematography and gripping narrative.