HORROR-fans in Oswestry will be able to experience the fright of a lifetime this Halloween, from the safety of their own car.

Wrexham-based Cyclone Events Management, the team behind the 2018 award nominated scare maze 'The Void' has announced their latest attraction, FestEvil.

​FestEvil is a live action, live actor horror drive through scare maze based at Oswestry Showground, which sees visitors drive through a series of scenes from classic horror movies and TV shows, featuring live actors and special effects.

Visitors drive into each scene and turn off their engine, allowing the scene to play out before moving on and the whole experience lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

A 'family-friendly' version of the event is also available.

Event manager and managing director at Cyclone Events Management, Sam Foulkes explained how the event works.

"We are the UK's first & biggest immersive, completely contactless drive-thru Halloween experience," said Sam.

"As you drive into the darkness you'll be greeted by twisted creatures and unexpected scares in every drive-thru scene.

"Once your car enters the event you must complete the event in its entirety no matter how scary you cannot leave the event early you must complete every zone.

​This event is completely contactless. You never leave your car during the whole experience which lasts around 15 to 20minutes.

Upon arrival to our site, Your ticket will be scanned through your closed car window.

"You will drive through a series of scenes from your favourite horror movies and TV shows.

"Your car may need washing after the experience as there may be blood splatters on your windows and doors.

"Don't worry though the blood we use is not real, its non toxic and won't damage you're car. A simple wash after visiting our event will remove any blood stains."

FestEvil will run for one month from October 29 to November 29.

Tickets for the event must be purchased online in advance and are available from www.festevil.net/tickets