With Halloween around the corner, we have pulled together some of the places near Oswestry where you could spot a ghost.

There are a number of spooky stories and tales of ghost sightings around the area, whether it be a one-off sighting or several claims.

Halloween will be different for many this year with the Covid-19 restrictions impacting celebrations, but those who are interested in paranormal activity may want to take note of the following five places to visit post lockdown.

1) Whittington Castle

The popular tourist attraction near Oswestry is believed has been the location of numerous ghost sightings and strange happenings over the years. So much so that paranormal vigil events are held at the castle.

The castle's rich history, which according to its website could date back to AD 785, means there are plenty of tales to be told.

2) Chirk Castle

Another local castle which has been the subject of several sightings is situated a short drive away in Chirk.

There have been sightings of ghosts wearing dresses and moving between rooms in the castle, as well as people claiming they had brushed past what felt like invisible hands.

3) Sleap Airfield

With a history of fatal incidents at the site, paranormal groups have visited the site to hold investigations and said they encountered a lot of potential paranormal activity.

The Paranormal Friends group which held the investigations explains on its website: "Within a few weeks of each other two Armstrong Whitworth Whitleys, a twin engined light/medium bomber, swung off the run way and crashed into the control tower.

"Many people died in the incidents including those who were in the control tower."

Some paranormal activity at the site includes clear voices being heard through the Frank's Box in response to questions.

4) Hand Hotel, Chirk

The Hand Hotel is said to house the ghost of a lady who haunts a room where she nursed her dying brother in his last moments of life.

There are few reports of different sightings and encounters in the various rooms at The Hand, but don't let that put you off your stay, their restaurant does a nice gammon and chips.

5) Wem Town Hall

During a large fire at the town hall in 1995, a picture captured by photographer Tony O'Rahilly appeared to show a figure of a girl standing in the building.