This week we’re looking at films with obvious debts to other films, but that are still well worth a watch.

Starting as usual on the big screen, this weekend has Kinokulture screening Schemers, a Scottish set story of a young man working his way up the post punk music scene as a promoter.

Schemers’ obvious antecedent is Trainspotting. Both share a fondness for freeze frames and a good tune, and although the new kid on the block never reaches the heights of Danny Boyle’s classic, it’s a pleasant way to spend an evening out.

It also boasts a great soundtrack, a rare film that features both Sheffield metal band Saxon and Mancunian legends The Fall, add some new romantic era Simple Minds and The Associates and if you don’t like the film you can just close your eyes and listen!

Over on Netflix there’s fun to be had with Vampires Vs The Bronx, an enjoyable addition to the comedy horror canon, thankfully more comedy than horror.

This feels like a 1980s kind of film, like a modern version of The Goonies with a measure of Attack The Block, now set in the infamous New York borough.

There’s a clever metaphor at work here as the vampires take the form of a greedy corporation buying up housing in the area.

When three local kids decide to help a bodega (corner store) faced with closure, they inadvertently discover the nefarious plot and set about stopping it.

The leads all play their roles brilliantly and the film skimps the blood and gore to make plenty of pointed jokes at racial stereotyping and gentrification.

The kind of film that will appeal to the younger teenage viewer but still has plenty for the more mature among us (well, I watched it and loved it anyway).

It’s bloodsucking good fun.