Motorists win again and pedestrians remain second class citizens

This week the question of vehicles parking on pavements is being debated as part of a nationwide consultation, the object is to greatly reduce or completely eradicate vehicles parking on pavements and reported in the local paper.

The solution to ban pavement parking was voiced by three of the councillor, one actually saying that there are too many cars on the road when the obvious problem is too many on the pavement!

I do not see why councillor Vince Hunt ‘had the final word in the debate’ because ‘it is a common sense issue’ which sounds to me like the usual cop-out by the majority of driving councillors – i.e. do nothing and the motorists win again.

Are you aware that Oswestry is blessed with adequate parking spaces?

That no town shop is more than two minutes’ walk from one?

That we have 14 specified car parks?

That there is absolutely no need for any parking in the town centre streets or that No Entry signs for vehicles are ignored on a constant and daily basis?

I live next to the Sheltered Accommodation Community Centre in Llwyn Fields, it contains 24 bungalows occupied by the old and infirm, due to totally inadequate planning before it was built only one third of theses dwelling have front door access by road, seven occupier’s parking spaces and two access points for visitors, including Fire and Ambulance services.

Many of these occupants have manual or motorised wheelchairs used on pavements to enter and exit the Sheltered Accommodation.

They are rarely available because they are constantly parked on by visitors, council workers and, would you believe ‘carers’?

The residents have no option but to use the road, January 29, 1886 was the day the first motor vehicle appeared on our roads – we pedestrians have been second class citizens ever since.

If any of you drivers disagree with this I invite you to leave your car and attempt to cross Oswald Road during the day – it is not easy.

Bob Wydell,