A COMMUNITY support group in Oswestry is offering support to families to ensure children do not go to sleep hungry at night.

Oswestry Angels are trying to make sure those who may be struggling as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic have access to help.

The group and shop are offering help to anyone who may be out of work, not getting paid, have had their hours cut at work or are struggling under current circumstances.

They are hoping to ensure residents all have enough food and necessities, and recently teamed up with One Stop, based in Cabin Lane, to help a family in need.

Steph Jones, Nicola Harrington and store manager Wendy Astley at One Stop provided two bags of food and other necessities, which the Angels delivered to the family’s door.

Wendy said, “As a community-based company, we are very pleased to help out this family as well as providing a bin in store for customers to donate food for the Oswestry Food Bank.”

A spokesman for Oswestry Angels said: “Please don’t let you or your kids go to sleep on an empty stomach.

“Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to contact Oswestry Angels. We will do anything we can to help.

“Recently we received a request for help from a worried mother who was struggling for food and we were grateful to the staff at One Stop for their help."

One Stop is continuing its support for the initiative and has placed a collection bin at its door for people to put dry and non-perishable food in that will go to the Oswestry Food Bank in Beatrice street.

Information about Oswestry Angels can be found at www.oswestryangels.co.uk or oswestryangels@gmail.com