A BRAND new, state-of-the-art MRI scanner has been unveiled in the radiology department at the Gobowen Orthopaedic Hospital.

Radiographers at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt (RJAH) Orthopaedic Hospital say patients are already benefitting from the new piece of equipment, which is part of an investment of over £1 million to replace the eldest of the two scanners.

The new scanner means that RJAH is at the forefront of scanning capability and image quality, especially for those patients with hip and knee replacements.

Eric Hughes, Radiology Services manager, explained the benefits of the new scanner.

"The new MRI scanner will provide our patients with advanced scanning, which has improved image quality and therefore provides greater diagnostic accuracy," he said.

"It also has a 70cm open bore design, meaning that patients who are anxious and claustrophobic can feel much more comfortable during their scan due to the extra space."

An MRI scan uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the structures within the body.

The images can be used to help diagnose conditions, plan future care and assess previous treatments.

Eric added: "The team are absolutely thrilled with the new scanner, and they're already seeing how much more detailed the images are, which is great for our patients.

"I'd like to thank our Estates department and MRI Radiographers, who have been absolutely brilliant in ensuring the works and installation have run smoothly.

"They have been fantastic throughout and it wouldn't have been possible without their help and support."

The new piece of equipment replaces the existing scanner that has reached the end of its useful life.

Meanwhile Jo Banks, managing director of the Clinical Services Unit, added: "We are delighted with the new scanner – it's a cutting-edge piece of equipment which will greatly benefit our patients due to its speed and also the quality of images it produces.

"This adds to the collection of modern imaging equipment and facilities at the Trust and will ensure we deliver a high standard of diagnosis and treatment."