Netflix’s newest original film is the subtitled Korean horror flick #Alive. Set over the first few weeks of a zombie apocalypse, it follows Oh Joon-Woo (Yoo Ah-In) as he struggles to survive in his overrun apartment complex.

He befriends Kim Yoo-Bin, (Park Shin-Hye) seemingly the only other survivor who lives in the opposite building. Their friendship grows as they attempt to survive in this new, dangerous world.

Although a horror film this movie still incorporates some of the wit and light-heartedness that is common in Korean cinema. The acting from Yoo Ah-In is phenomenal – charming and lovable, he manages to portray intense emotions of fear and grief perfectly.

Some scenes are very scary. Zombies – creatures – are fast moving, loud and their irregular in-human movement makes them a formidably terrifying enemy, but their believability sometimes fall down to fit the plot.

The action scenes are breathtaking, creating an incredibly tense and suspenseful atmosphere. There is a constant sense of danger throughout, which is a highlight of this film as well as the infection spreads.

This is perfect for any zombie flick lovers; perfect mixture of energetic fight scenes, horrifying creatures and lovable, interesting characters.