WELCOME to the latest Oswestry Advertizer Camera Club.

Once again our inspired members have gone above and beyond in their pursuit of a perfect photograph.

From natural beauty as red skies light up the mere at Ellesmere a romantic shade of crimson to two swans with their trademark necks making a heart – a symbol of love for centuries.

However what makes the perfect photograph?

Is it being the right place at the right time? Is is knowing your subject? Perhaps it is about bravery or commitment to overcome the odds and all weathers to get that special photograph.

From love of their surroundings and the sights and landmarks which make our communities so unique or a deep respect of nature and wildlife to bind our camera club members to a common cause.

Photography is taking an instant out of time and alters life by holding it still.

A storm cloud over home town or village or perhaps a chance meeting with a curious member of our local wildlife.

However we can be no closer to ascertaining what makes a perfect photograph – if such a thing exists. It was once said a great picture is one that fully expresses what one feels about what is being photographed.

If that is true then each of our camera club members has succeeded as their love for their subjects come through in their pictures every week.