AN OSWESTRY man is appealing for help to put CCTV in place at his home to allow him to live a more peaceful life after being subject to what he describes as years of abuse.

Mark Parry of Brookhouse Road, has made the appeal on Facebook after reports of people loitering near his property and throwing rubbish onto his front garden.

Mr Parry, who was diagnosed with high functioning autism, says the behaviour of those near his home is unsettling, and insists it has continued for more than 40 years.

He said: “This abuse has been going on since the 1970s, it’s always the same sort of people and they’ve never really left us alone.

“I’ve had people sitting on our wall and looking into our house, and other people have thrown things into our garden.

“It feels like they’re just trying to wind us up. It’s almost as though these people haven’t grown up.

“They’ve beaten us up and knocked us about when we were younger and it feels like they are just looking for trouble.”

With the unsettling incidents occurring over the years, Mr Parry hopes a CCTV system would make life more peaceful for him and those who he lives with.

So far, his appeal for help has received more than 45 comments of support on Facebook, and he insists he is grateful.

“We’ve had quite a lot of good support on Facebook especially after appealing for help with CCTV,” he said.

“We just want it fitted to sort things out.

“Some of my friends and neighbours along the road are very good. Linda, Min, Ash, John and Lee are very good.”

Mr Parry feels as though he is socially excluded at times, and does not want this to be the case, but insists the help of neighbours is important.

The response of members of the community on Facebook is something Mr Parry was thankful for, with many suggestions regarding where he could get help to put CCTV in place.

One person commented: “So sorry to hear this. It should not be happening to you.”

Another said: “I hope someone can help you and I do hope it solves your problems.”

Others suggested where would be best for Mr Parry to receive help in relation to CCTV.