For book shop owners, it is sometimes a dream to look up and see a famous face perusing what is on offer and searching for their own tomes.

And for Oswestry’s Booka Bookshop, in Church Street, that became a reality this week when owner Carrie Moss headed out onto the shop floor to help one particular customer.

She soon realised that this was no ordinary customer, but was in fact actress Ruth Jones, creator of the BBC hit show Gavin and Stacey, star of Tesco adverts and a successful author in her own right.

And her appearance led to an impromptu signing of her books, including her latest effort Us Three, much to Carrie’s delight.

“It was unexpected and it was a lovely surprise that she popped in,” said Carrie.

“Sometimes you can’t see people’s faces because they are wearing a mask so I didn’t recognise her.

“It’s only when I went over to see if she needed any help that I saw her eyes and recognised her.

“She was lovely and signed some of the books we had and then went on her way.

“Ruth was so nice – she chatted to one of our customers that was there too.

“It seems Ruth was on a bit of a holiday and while she was out driving, she would pop into any independent book shops she saw to sign copies.”

Ruth has also taken part in the Home4Indies where independent bookshops working together to bring live events via social media, with Booka taking part.

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