RESIDENTS across north Shropshire are being offered the chance to apply for six positions to train as a children’s social worker.

The offer is being made by Shropshire Council, with successful applicants receiving on-the-job training while studying for a degree in social work with University Centre Shrewsbury.

Once they graduate they will be offered a job as a qualified social worker within Shropshire and the move follows the recruitment of eight trainees last year.

Ed Potter, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for children’s services, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Shropshire to really make a difference to the lives of our communities.

“We’re taking a really innovative approach to addressing the need for skilled and qualified social workers, ‘growing our own’ and investing in the workforce of the future.

"We’ll also be investing in the long-term future of the successful applicants, providing them with first class training at University Centre Shrewsbury.”

Karen Bradshaw, Shropshire Council’s director of children’s services, added: “There is a national issue in recruiting social workers – there are just not enough being trained to meet the increasing demand for trained and experienced staff.

"I’m delighted that Shropshire Council has joined forces with University Centre Shrewsbury on this innovative approach to meeting our future workforce needs and ensuring our future workforce is qualified, skilled and experienced.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for six lucky people to embark on a career as a children’s social worker and to make a real difference to the lives of Shropshire’s children and families.

“We’re hoping that this opportunity will appeal particularly to local people, who will then opt to stay living and working within the county once they qualify.”

For more information, and to apply, visit the Shropshire Council website at