THE Oswestry Camera Club is made of a talented and diverse group of photographers.

This week we have a showcase of a wonderfully varied selection of images submitted by our much–loved snappers.

It would be impossible to live in such a rural setting without appreciating wildlife.

Sometimes the endless fields filled with grazing sheep and cows have provided a backdrop for our journeys, perhaps to school or work, and perhaps even our journey through life.

Certainly while ourselves and our towns and villages change through time the one constant is that cows and sheep will not be far away and doing just what they have always done.

Of course agriculture is not the only thing which makes Shropshire such a beautiful place to live and if you close enough you will discover a whole world.

Such worlds can sometimes be found in your own garden or in local woods and fields which teem with life, from natural flowers to insects.

The region is also home to some aw inspiring lakes and waterways.

Thousands of people descend on the area each years to enjoy the canal and lakes which have helped make Shropshire famous across the United Kingdom and beyond.

As the birthplace of the British industrial revolution it is filled with remnants of its glorious past.

However sometimes we can all appreciate the beauty of our skies and each day a new sunset over the county we all love.