Christopher Nolan’s newest time bending movie has now arrived in the cinemas.

‘Tenet’ is a thrilling action film which follows The Protagonist (John David Washington) as he fights to save the world both utilising and fighting against new time inversion technology.

Working alongside the mysterious Niel (Robert Pattinson) they must stop Russian arms dealer Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh) from beginning the Third World War.

Visually, this film is magnificent. Nolan uses only practical effects throughout the film with no use of green screen.

This creates fully immersive and realistic action sequences which have a much more striking effect than a CGI scene. The use of reverse scenes is truly innovative – wonderfully unique shots.

The acting from all of the cast is superb with each character being fully developed and interesting. The score is also something to be noted. Ludwig Göransson’s soundtrack pairs perfectly with the intensity and epic nature of the film.

The music sucks the viewer in and leaves you in awe.

However, the utter beauty of this film seems to make up for the sometimes complicated plot. Although confusing, the complex story makes for breathtaking cinema. ‘Tenet’ is an experience. Every aspect of it is incredible.