A STUDENT in Weston Rhyn has written a song and launched a fundraiser to help those affected by an explosion in Lebanon last month.

Moreton Hall student Maya Falah was deeply saddened by the explosion in Beirut which devastated the place where her family grew up and still live.

The explosion in the seaport area of the capital city resulted in 190 deaths and left 300,000 people homeless.

Maya, an actor and musician who has attended The National Youth Music Theatre in the West End, wanted to use her skills to make a difference.

She said: “My grandparents’ family home, which my father and grandfather have both grown up in, was hit by the blast, and many of the surrounding areas were also hit.

“The economic crisis in Lebanon has been exacerbated by the explosion and many families continue to suffer.

“I wanted to find a way in which I could highlight the plight of the people living in the country where my family grew up.”

“I chose to write the song in the form of a prayer to bring hope to the next generation. Beirut was known as the Paris of the Middle East and I didn’t want people to lose sight of the amazing country it was and still is.”

Maya’s campaign can be supported by donating to her JustGiving fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/helpthehomelessbeirut

She has already raised £1,325 wants to help support “the Lebanese Red Cross with a view to providing temporary residences for children who’ve lost their homes.”

To listen to Maya’s song, visit www.facebook.com/watch/?v=619866915338295&extid=Ktpk69Xm0Xl5NeQn