ANTIQUES dealers are amongst the traders who have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus lockdown but these shop owners in Cockermouth will not let the pandemic stop them from buying and selling their historic and charming curiosities.

Colin Graham has been at the helm of an antique shop on Market Place, Cockermouth for 30 years now and the coronavirus pandemic has not stopped him from trading.

As lockdown eases and tourism returns to Cumbria in some form, Mr Graham is cautiously optimistic.

He said: “People are coming back, there’s holidaymakers around, but Winter is a long time.”

The height of the Government’s coronavirus lockdown was a long period of uncertainty for Mr Graham as the antique shop is his main source of income.

“It’s been very hard but we’ve got to get back to normality.”

Mr Graham, of Plumbland, reopened the shop to the public on June 15, he said: “We reopened four days a week and from July first, we went to six days a week.”

And trade is returning in spite of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

“We’re back in business buying and selling, it’s going the right way.

“There are a lot more battles to fight but we’ve got to be positive.”

Colin Graham Antiques and Collectables has seen customers from across the world including Australia, Germany and France.

Cockermouth Antiques re-opened to the public on Tuesday, owners Gwenda Davis and Elaine Bell hope that the Station Street store will return to strength.

Gwenda said: “We’re hoping that it’ll bounce back, but it’s very different now.

“It’s very sad to see so many closing.

The shop was the first of its kind to open in the town with antiques previously sold at market.

She said: “Although we like to see the tourists coming our main customers are very loyal and local people.

“They’ve been coming in today to speak to us. They’ve all been saying ‘it’s so nice to see you back.’”

Gwenda’s sons Shaun and Matthew have followed her into the antiques trade.

Shaun helps out at the Station Street shop while Matthew runs his own business, Castle Antiques and Curios which recently featured on an episode of Antiques Roadtrip.

Matthew’s store on 9 Market Place has a range of old and new items on offer from furniture and pictures to pottery and records.

Cockermouth Antiques has also featured on the show, Gwenda added that it is a nice feature of the town that the trade is so well served.

“There aren’t many towns in the north of England with so many antiques shops.”

Castle Antiques and Curios is available every day from 10am until 5pm.

To get in touch with Colin Graham Antiques and Collectables, call 01900824418

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