A PUMPKIN throwing event has been given the green light by Ellesmere Town Council, pending Shropshire Council approval.

The ‘pumpkin propulsion’ event is a new tradition in Ellesmere and is run by the town’s arts group Fizzgigs.

First held last year, the fun event sees leftover Hallowe'en pumpkins hurled from a trebuchet, and judged on the basis of whose travels the furthest.

It is due to take place the day after Hallowe'en on November 1, and allows people to bring their own leftover pumpkins.

The group has applied for a premises licence from Ellesmere Town Council to run the event in the Birch Road Recreation Area, but this year’s event has the added complication of Covid-19.

At Ellesmere Town Council’s full council meeting, held virtually on Monday, September 7, Councillor Tim Hunter said he supported the event, so long as Shropshire Council agreed too.

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“Shropshire council has a very aggressively detailed department dealing with Covid secure events,” said Cllr Hunter. “We’ve just gone through this with triathlon.

“The triathlon only just went event, nearly stopped the whole thing.

“They are extremely on top of making sure that everything is Covid secure.

“I think based on that I would be happy to support what ever the council does.”

Meanwhile Cllr Ryan Hartley suggest the event would have no issue receiving Shropshire Council approval.

“There will probably be seven to eight times as many people at the triathlon and there is a lot more room for people to space out on the recreation ground than the Cremorne gardens,” he said.

“If they let the triathlon go on there is no reason why this wont go on.”

Councillors agreed that if the event is given the go ahead by Shropshire council, then they would support it too.