The captain of Oswestry Cricket Club described the side’s historic victory over Shrewsbury on Saturday as a very proud moment.

Warrick Fynn played a pivotal part in the victory as the young Oswestry side overcame tough opposition to claim a 46 run victory.

His 74 runs made him top-scorer for the Bordermen and was ably supported by young duo Josh Darley and Josh Coleridge.

Fynn was quick to praise the squad who helped to secure such a big win for his side.

“It was a very proud moment as captain,” he said.

“We don’t tend to play Shrewsbury very often at all as we have always been a few leagues below them.

“It was a great opportunity to play them and to perform as well is something we will remember for a long time.

“The youngsters we had in performed well under the circumstances and it is certainly a very good achievement all round.”

It is the first time in a while Oswestry have faced Shrewsbury in a competitive fixture, and Fynn believes the win is a testament to how far the club has come.

He said: “When I first started at Oswestry 13 years ago, there was four leagues between us and Shrewsbury.

“We’ve always been the smaller, younger brother to Shrewsbury, but the fact we have shown now that we can compete with them is a testament to how far our club has come.

“It’s a massive achievement, and to see the club come on leaps and bounds in my time here has been great.

“I wouldn’t get ahead of ourselves and say we’re a better side than them, but we just played better on Saturday.”

Fynn has been one of the star men for Oswestry this season, with a handful of centuries under his belt already.

He hopes his performances will be able to help some of the less experienced players in the team to progress.

“It’s nice to score a lot of runs don’t get me wrong,” he said. “Hopefully the young ones playing for us are able to learn something from playing aside me scoring runs.

“I’ve missed a few games and will be missing Saturday’s fixture, so it’s a good chance for some of the lads to come in and get those runs I have been able to pick up myself in the past few games.

“We’re coming along well as a team, Matthew Richards got 50 the other week and Josh Darley went 20 overs against a Premier League bowling attack, so there’s a lot of positives.”

Despite the big result for Oswestry, Fynn believes next season could still prove to be tough for his team.

“The future looks bright, don’t get me wrong, but next year as it stands is likely to be a tough year,” he explained.

“If we are to remain in the Birmingham League, I’ll take it as a success because we are still a young side.

“I won’t sit here and say we’ve got a chance of winning the league because we had a good result against Shrewsbury – there’s still a long way to go and consistency will be key.”