A SHROPSHIRE councillor has called for a large reduction to the parking fees at one of the town centre’s car parks.

Councillor Paul Milner is encouraging Shropshire Council to reduce full-day parking prices at Beatrice Street car park, the old Morrisons car park, from £5.60 per day to £1 per day or less.

His calls come after seeing a low number of vehicles using the car park each day.

Cllr Milner has received calls from town residents who say vehicles have been parking at curbs outside residential properties.

He believes cheaper parking in the town centre will alleviate pressure on residential roads near the centre, and will also be helpful for the nearby Cambrian Medical Centre.

He said: “It will remove as many cars as possible from blocking up residential areas in the town, and it will also be beneficial for the medical centre to have extra parking nearby.

“I’ve had a few residents contact me explaining that they can’t park outside their own home in residential areas because other vehicles are parking there.

“So instead of having an empty car park which is doing nothing at the moment, even if it drops to £1 for a day per car, it will provide somewhere central for cars to park during the day.

“People are parking up Victoria Street, Stewart Road and other areas on the outskirts of the town centre.

“If they have the option of parking closer to the town centre for cheaper, it’s better for both the car park and the people living in the town.”

Cllr Milner added that cheap long-stay parking would be helpful for those working in the town.

He said: “Other car parks in the town have pricing structures which help quick turnarounds for shoppers, like two to four hours.

“With this one being empty, it could be used by those who work in the town so they have cheap central parking for a longer period throughout the day.”

Shropshire Council has been approached for comment.